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🔥 Exciting Update: 🎉 Arrest Warrant Issued for ‘Crypto King’ Accomplice in $14 Million Scam! 🌟

🚨 Hold onto your seat because the latest twist in the “crypto-king” saga has just unfolded! A judge in Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 has issued an arrest warrant for Ryan Rumble, the alleged partner-in-crime of the infamous Aiden Pleterski in their grand crypto scam worth a whopping $14 million! 😱

💸 Rumble, who runs Banknote Capital, is accused of diverting a significant chunk of investors’ money into Pleterski’s fraudulent scheme, according to a recent class-action lawsuit. Initially claiming to be in Dubai ✈️, his current whereabouts are now a mystery! 🕵️‍♂️

💬 Despite the legal storm brewing around him, Rumble maintains his innocence, insisting it’s all a civil matter. He even expressed his woes about missing Christmas at home, admitting to being in contempt of court. 🎄

👀 The plot thickens as Rumble becomes the prime target, with authorities on high alert at Canadian borders and even in his hometown, ready to nab him if he surfaces! 🚔

Stay tuned as the ‘Crypto King’ saga unfolds with more nail-biting twists and turns! 🚀🔍 #CryptoDrama #CryptoNews

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