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**Exciting News from Buzzfeed! 🚀**

😱 Can you believe it? Less than a month after saying goodbye to its news division and letting go of 180 team members, **BuzzFeed’s CEO** shared some thrilling updates during the Q1 earnings call.

In a bold move, the digital media giant revealed some changes on the horizon along with a dip in revenue for Q1. 📉

According to the company’s recent release, Buzzfeed saw a 27% decrease in revenue compared to last year, with advertising and content revenue taking a hit by at least 30%.

🤪 Jonah Peretti, the brilliant mind behind Buzzfeed, shared some exciting plans to shake things up and bounce back. By embracing Creators and AI, Peretti believes they can unlock new possibilities across all their trusted brands. How cool is that?

The decision to bring AI into the mix follows the closure of Buzzfeed’s news division and staff layoffs earlier in April. While AI won’t be replacing any jobs right now, it’s set to become a significant part of Buzzfeed’s future endeavors.

**Cointelegraph** tried to dig deeper into Buzzfeed’s AI integration strategy, but stay tuned for the buzz-worthy updates! 📰

😺 Buzzfeed might not be replacing jobs with AI, but other companies are taking a different approach. Recently, the tech firm IMB hinted at potentially replacing 7,800 jobs with AI in the coming years.

And guess what? Wendy’s is experimenting with a chatbot drive-thru operator named “FreshAI” to cut costs and redirect funds to other areas. 🙊

While AI promises to boost efficiency and streamline processes, studies show that 40% of working hours in various industries are at risk as AI technology advances. It’s amazing to see how innovation is reshaping our world! 😇

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