“Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2022”

🚀 **Exciting News Alert! Standard Chartered’s Zodia Launches Crypto Custody Service in Hong Kong** 📌

**✔️** British banking giant Standard Chartered’s **Zodia Custody** is now available in Hong Kong! This move comes after the recent announcement of their expansion into Singapore. 🌏

**🔔** Zodia Custody, founded in 2020, focuses on top-notch security solutions for crypto storage, specifically catering to financial institutions. They prioritize the safety and protection of digital assets. 🛡️

**🟢** CEO Julian Sawyer shared with CNBC that Hong Kong has a vibrant market driven by institutional demand for crypto services rather than retail customers.

📌 Julian Sawyer highlighted Hong Kong’s forward-thinking approach to digital assets, with both the government and regulators embracing the potential of this industry to position the city as a leading crypto hub. 🚀

**👌** Zodia’s venture into Hong Kong is part of their larger strategy to solidify their presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Exciting times ahead for Zodia and the crypto community! 🌟

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