“Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2021”

🎉 Great news, crypto enthusiasts! Coinbase, the leading crypto exchange in the US, is set to launch its mainnet Base on August 9! 🚀 Base, a layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum, is created in collaboration with Optimism to enhance the blockchain experience.

💬 According to Coinbase, Dapps within the on-chain ecosystem will soon support Base, with exciting new launches on the horizon.

♾ Joining the celebration, Coinbase is hosting “Onchain Summer,” featuring top creators and brands like Coca-Cola, Atari, and Showtime offering daily NFT mints. 🎨🎮

💬 Base will open for bridging, and the mainnet launch aims to make participation in the on-chain economy accessible to all. Stay tuned for the big day on August 9! 🌟 #Coinbase #BaseMainnetLaunch #CryptoNews

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