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🎉 Exciting News! Georgia National Bank and Ripple are teaming up to launch the new Digital Lari CBDC Pilot! 🚀

🔥 The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) has joined forces with Ripple to bring you the official Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) with a pilot coming soon. Ripple, in a recent press release on Nov 2, announced that they have been chosen as the technology provider for the Digital Lari after a rigorous selection process.

🌟 The NBG selected Ripple for its incredible technical expertise in the field, proven track record in pilot projects, and solid CBDC infrastructure to ensure a successful development.

💬 They praised Ripple for their deep understanding of the project’s goals, commitment to success, and clear roadmap for project development – making them the perfect fit for this initiative.

💡 Ripple and the Bank of Georgia will work together to implement the CBDC platform, offering various use cases for the public, private, wholesale, and retail customers.

📢 This collaboration is a game-changer for innovation in Georgia, paving the way for future pilots and boosting local and cross-border monetary transactions.

🌍 As the NBG aligns with global trends, this partnership marks a significant step towards modernizing the economy and embracing the era of digital currencies. 🌐

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