“The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2021”

**Analysts: 🌟 Coinbase’s Derivatives Approval Shows Crypto’s Resilience in the US!** πŸ“Œ

🟒 **Great news!** Analysts at investment bank **JMP Securities think that Coinbase’s approval** to offer crypto futures trading **is a win for crypto’s strength in the US!**

**✏️ The Block reported that the analysts believe this approval** “validates” the US crypto sector **and helps combat the idea** that American crypto is moving overseas.

**πŸ”” Not to mention,** JMP Securities analysts, led by Devin Ryan, **mentioned that this approval bolsters Coinbase** in its legal tussle with **the SEC.**

**πŸ’¬ The Block also highlighted the note saying,** β€œThis step shows the regulatory advantage that Coinbase **is building, which will shine even brighter** as the industry settles post-uncertainty **β€” which is what we’re looking forward to.”

**➑️ Excitingly, this week Coinbase got the thumbs up** from the National Futures Association **to trade futures in the US. Go Coinbase!** πŸŽ‰

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