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**🚨 Breaking News: Former Canaan Chairman Jack Kong Faces Crypto Project Hack by Insider!**

**🔴 Jack Kong, the ex-chairman of Canaan (a China-based computer hardware company), has revealed a hack in a cryptocurrency project he invested in.**

**🔐 The hacker, who was allegedly an insider, escaped to Thailand post the attack. However, working with Chinese authorities led to his arrest and return to China within just 48 hours, as per a Tweet by Wu Blockchain.**

**💬 According to reports, the insider hacker had been patiently gathering information, capturing passwords, and manipulating hardware wallets without raising suspicions.**

**➡️ Kong, on October 1, mentioned that the crypto platform imToken swiftly dove into investigating the matter, initially considering a phishing attempt.**

**💬 “Initially, there was no indication of internal foul play. However, despite imToken ruling out fake wallet clients and other potential threats, there are lingering concerns within the team,” stated Kong.**

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story! 🚀🔒🔍

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