“The Rise of Decentralized Finance: A Beginner’s Guide”

🎉 **Exciting News from Argentina! New President Embraces Foreign Currencies For Payments** 🌟

**➡️**** Argentina’s new leader, Javier Miliei, has made a bold move by abolishing mandatory currency laws, allowing Argentinians to use alternatives like USD and Bitcoin (BTC) for debts.**

📌 This change is part of a comprehensive executive order that gets rid of more than 300 outdated laws, with the aim of boosting the Argentinian economy. It also fulfills one of Miliei’s main promises to promote local currency options and support a more diverse financial system.

__❕____ “It’s important to let people choose how they settle their debts, regardless of the specific currency,”__ as stated in the translated decree released on Wednesday.

➡️ The foreign affairs minister confirmed on Thursday that contracts can now be made in Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies or even physical goods like livestock or dairy products.

**🗣**** While not directly focusing on crypto, this move is seen as a step towards wider Bitcoin (BTC) adoption by industry experts. Bitcoin is believed to offer stability in volatile economies and protect against hyperinflation.**

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