“The Rise of Decentralized Finance: A Beginner’s Guide to DeFi”

🌟**Exciting News! Georgia Lists Nine Top Tech Providers Including Ripple and Bitt For its Next Stage CBDC Pilot!** 📌

➡️ The National Bank of Georgia **(NBG) has chosen nine companies to compete for a chance to work on the nation’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) project named **Digital GEL.

**➡️ The national bank of Georgia **revealed its plan to launch **a “Limited Access Live Pilot Environment” to test its CBDC **on the technology capabilities **and explore various applications.

****__💬__****__ “Great News! After thorough research and consideration, NBG has shortlisted 9 companies **who have shown great technology potential, experience, and eagerness to be part of our exciting project.”

**__‼️ Excitingly, San Francisco’s Ripple, Bitt, Broxus, and other fintech firms have been selected **to take part in the second phase of testing the Digital GEL project.

****🔔**** Ripple’s CBDC advisor, Antony Welfare shared that the National Bank of Georgia is **moving into a new phase **by planning “to create a real pilot environment with limited access.”** 🌈

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