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🚀 **SEC Acknowledges Mistakes in Debt Box Case!** 📉

🔔 The United States Securities and Exchange Commission **(SEC) has issued an apology for mishandling the lawsuit involving the decentralized blockchain project, Debt Box, as per recent court documents.**

__❕____ “The Commission acknowledges the Court’s concerns and deeply regrets the errors,” __stated a court filing from December 21st. __”Agency officials are taking necessary measures **to prevent such mistakes from happening again in this case or any other proceedings.”**__

**📌** **Back in July, the SEC initiated a lawsuit against Debt Box, alleging the digital currency venture** deceived thousands of investors by selling unregistered securities worth nearly **$50 million. **

🔴 Initially, the federal regulatory body obtained a temporary restraining order against **Debt Box, citing the organization’s attempt to evade legal actions by transferring assets overseas. **However, the order was lifted in October **when the court found insufficient evidence to support the SEC’s assertions.** 🛑

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