“The Rise of Bitcoin: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency”

🌟**Let’s talk about KYC and Permissionless Money!** 🌟

🔴 Recently, the founders of Tornado Cash, a decentralized private payments protocol on the Ethereum network, were arrested, sparking a debate on whether KYC laws and permissionless money can work together.

🗨️ Crypto influencer CryptoTea raised some important questions on Twitter like, “Can Bitcoin’s lightning network support anonymous transactions?” and “Does MetaMask enforce KYC?”

🗨️ She even pondered, “Could developers of MetaMask and Lightning Labs be at risk of arrest?” suggesting that KYC laws and permissionless money may not mix.

🔍 Kraken explains that micropayments via the Lightning Network on Bitcoin are nearly untraceable, adding to the debate.

📣 On the other hand, users can easily create a wallet with services like MetaMask without needing to provide personal information, unlike platforms that require KYC compliance.

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