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🔥 Exciting News from GameFi project MetaTrace! 🌟 Now introducing a new partnership direction with the integration of an advertising cabinet! 🖥

Rumors are swirling around that MetaTrace is gearing up to launch an advertising cabinet as part of its partnership direction. 🚀 This new tool will offer unique tasks from partners available on the MetaTrace Quest platform, which has already attracted nearly 2 million users! But wait, there’s more to come! 🎉

📣 Future plans include adding banner advertising and integrating into advertising campaigns to steer clear of pyramid structures often found in other GameFi projects. 🚫

What does all this mean for you? 🤔

➡️ You’ll soon have the opportunity to partner with the project’s platform as an advertiser and use this feature to draw attention to your social networks and boost brand visibility. 🌐
➡️ The advertising cabinet will initially allow you to place tasks on the quest platform where almost 2 million targeted users are signed up. 🎯
➡️ Users will earn tokens for viewing ads and completing tasks. 💰
➡️ Subsequent phases will bring in banner networks and target specific groups in advertising campaigns for even more visibility.

💲 Notably, all advertiser contributions will go towards the prize pool on the quest platform! 🏆

👀 Stay tuned and follow the official sources for all the latest updates! 🚀

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