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**Exciting News Alert!** 🚀🔥 Talos and Uniswap join forces with Fireblocks to provide institutions easier access to DeFi! 💫

📌 **Talos**, a leading digital trading infrastructure provider, is teaming up with Uniswap to revolutionize the DeFi landscape for institutional traders.

➡️ According to a recent press release from Uniswap, Talos’s clients can now leverage the protocol’s trading APIs, offering access to thousands of tokens in the familiar Talos order book format.

🔔 Upon launch, Talos clients will be able to trade on Uniswap using the time-weighted average price (TWAP) algorithm for fairer price discovery, excluding short-term price manipulation.

⚠️ This integration paves the way for Talos’s strategies to seamlessly navigate both centralized and decentralized liquidity venues, ensuring the best execution for traders.

📌 *Anton Katz*, CEO and Co-Founder of Talos, expressed, 💬 “Uniswap is at the heart of the DeFi ecosystem, offering a diverse range of assets and deep liquidity crucial for institutional traders. Together, our mission is to make digital assets more accessible in an inclusive financial market.”

✅ **Uniswap** stands as the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX), currently boasting $3.6 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), according to DeFiLlama. 🌐

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