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🎉 Great news, everyone! Islamic Coin is now officially available for trading and deposit on KuCoin! 🟢

🚀 The listing of $ISLM on KuCoin is just the beginning of an exciting journey! Stay tuned for more exchanges to come – both centralized and decentralized. Remember, the coin is currently open for trading to non-Dubai residents.

🤝 Exciting partnerships have been formed with Sushi and Pyypl, which means amazing benefits for the Islamic Coin community! Get ready for liquidity provision, staking assets, and earning tokens through liquidity mining.

🔔 With a potential audience of over 2 billion (including 1.8 billion Muslims and crypto enthusiasts), Islamic Coin is aiming high! The developers believe that just a 3% uptake from this audience could lead to a similar market cap as BTC. Plus, they already have a massive Twitter following of 1.3M!

📣 Don’t miss out on any community rewards or on-chain activities – join the Islamic Coin Official Telegram Channel now! And of course, start trading and depositing ISLM on KuCoin today. 🌟

[Official Telegram Channel](https://cutt.ly/BwmYh529) | [Trade and Deposit ISLM on KuCoin](https://cutt.ly/YwmYjsml) 🚀

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