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🚀**NFTs in the Academy: Fighting Fake Credentials and Unfair Wages** 🎓✨

❓**The issue we’re tackling:** The educational sector is grappling with the rise of fake credentials and the undervaluation and underpayment of educators.

📣**Shining a light:** Fake credentials are a major concern. A recent report by **The Washington Post** unveiled that around **2,800** individuals obtained their credentials without attending the necessary classes, breezing through exams like the National Council Licensure Examination in the US. Authorities are on a mission to track down these individuals.

👎**A continuous challenge:** It’s not an isolated case. In the US alone, an estimated **100,000 fake degrees** are being purchased yearly from unaccredited institutions or “diploma mills.” Shockingly, these degrees can be bought for as low as $1,000 without putting in the actual academic effort required. 😱

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate through these issues together! 🌟📚 #EducationMatters #NFT #AcademicIntegrity

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