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**Exciting News! Swiss Central Bank to Launch Real-World CBDC Pilot!** ⚡️

🟢 Ready for some big news in the crypto world? The chairman of the Swiss Central Bank, **Thomas Jordan**, shared that the bank is gearing up to launch a wholesale CBDC on Switzerland’s SIX digital exchange!

**👀 Keep your eyes peeled!** The project is kicking off soon as announced in a conference in Zurich by the Swiss central bank chair. The wholesale CBDC pilot will be up and running on the Swiss SIX digital exchange for a limited time.

☄️ While the Swiss Central Bank remains cautious about retail central bank-backed digital currencies, they are diving into the world of wholesale CBDCs. Chair Jordan expressed concerns about potential risks that retail CBDCs could pose to the financial system, emphasizing the need for control in their usage.

**➡️ The chairman emphasized,** “We may not roll out retail CBDCs just yet, but we’re moving cautiously for now.” 🚀

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