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🚀 **Exciting News, Crypto Fam! 🌟 MetaTrace Partners with MEXC to List $TRC Token! 🥳**

**🗓 Date: September 7
⏰ Time: 10:00 AM UTC**

Ready to dive into the action? Head over to MetaTrace’s channel, sign up following the link in the pinned post discussing the listing on MEXC! Get a chance to snag $TRC tokens and fantastic rewards on the quest platform with a whopping 200,000 users!

🔥 Brace yourselves for a mega giveaway! MetaTrace is distributing 1,000,000 $TRC among active quest platform participants! 🎉 Your shot at scoring some tokens has never been better!

🔗 Don’t miss out – hit that subscribe button, flick on notifications, and gear up for the project’s most crucial event yet! It’s going to be epic! 🚀💰

[Join the excitement at MetaTrace’s channel now!](https://t.me/+YMUY99q73BRmMjAy) 🚀🔥

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