“Exploring the Latest Cryptocurrency Trends in 2021”

Hey there crypto fam! 🌟 Exciting updates are here about the Ripple case straight from Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse! 🚀 In a recent Twitter video, Brad bravely called out the U.S. financial watchdog for their not-so-great actions, saying it was all in “bad faith, plain and simple.” 😬

As Ripple gears up for the final stages of their legal battle with the SEC, Brad reminds us that this is just the beginning of the fight for clarity in the industry. 🛡️ The recent unsealing of the Hinman Documents on June 13 brought more insights into the ongoing saga between Ripple and the SEC, leading to Brad expressing his frustrations in another Twitter update. 📆

In a video posted on June 17, Brad highlighted how the SEC seemed to have purposely created confusion around the rules and then taken advantage of that uncertainty through their enforcement actions. 🤯 He didn’t hold back in his criticism, labeling the SEC’s behavior as nothing short of “bad faith, plain and simple.” 🤷 Let’s keep an eye on this space for more developments! 🚨

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