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🌟 Exciting Update! Florida’s Financial Regulator Steps In as Bittrex Faces Legal Heat 🚀

🟥 Bittrex, the cool crypto exchange 📉 that recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware, now has a new challenge on its plate! 🌴 Florida’s financial regulator is shaking things up, accusing Bittrex of breaking the rules before their bankruptcy filing in May.

☄️ Brandon Greenberg, the rockstar assistant general counsel at the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, is leading the charge. According to court docs filed on July 5, Bittrex didn’t play by the book when it came to certain Florida laws, specifically chapter 560. Uh-oh!

‼️ Greenberg isn’t holding back! He mentioned that OFR had actually given Bittrex pointers on how to fix things before it hit the fan. Now, Bittrex wants a time-out with an Automatic Stay, but OFR isn’t having it – no debts evaded here!

✅ The laundry list of accusations against Bittrex is a long one, including mixing customer funds with the company’s own and not having the right surety bond in place at all times. Oopsie!

💬 “Hey, Bittrex, play by the rules or face the music! Our move, OFR!” Let the battle begin! 🛡️

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