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🚨 **Breaking News: South Korean Crypto Scammer Gets 9-Year Sentence!** 🚨

🔒 The South Korean High Court has handed down a hefty sentence to a shady crypto scammer who set up a fake token trading platform – locking them up for a whopping 9 years and 6 months. The trial, which took place at the Busan High Court (Ulsan Tribunal) on November 12, uncovered some shocking details about the scammer’s fraudulent activities.

🔄 Initially sentenced to 8 years by a district court in Ulsan, the scammer saw their punishment extended by the High Court, who found them guilty and piled on more time behind bars after considering new evidence brought forth by the prosecutors. 🕵️‍♂️

🌀 Going by the alias “A” in the media, the scammer lured unsuspecting victims with promises of sky-high returns using fake crypto market strategies that supposedly multiplied investments by 50 times! 😱 The bogus crypto exchange was in operation from March to August 2019, managing to swindle nearly $1 million from roughly 90 victims through social media marketing tactics. 👨‍⚖️

‼️ A claimed their platform had top-notch software for manipulating crypto prices and even pitched a digital asset that could be used at various retail outlets. But here’s the kicker – A was neck-deep in debt to the tune of half a million dollars while peddling these lies and was already on probation during the entire fraudulent scheme. 🛑

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