“Understanding the Basics of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)”

**🌟 Exciting News Update from Manta Network! 🌟**

🚨 Oh no! 🚨 Manta Network, the awesome zero-knowledge L2 blockchain, was recently hit by a DDoS attack and faced some allegations of money laundering in South Korea. 😱 But wait, there’s more to this story!

πŸ”” A recent post on January 18th pointed out that 2 million MANTA tokens were sent to the personal wallet of Manta’s Korean Business Development rep. πŸ€” This transfer happened right after MANTA got listed on Binance. Talk about timing! ⏰

🟒 Soon after, those 2 million MANTA tokens made their way to a Bithumb wallet, making up over 75% of the exchange’s circulation volume at the time. Big moves happening here! πŸ’Έ

πŸ”΄ And guess what? When MANTA hit Bithumb, its price skyrocketed to $230 in just 5 minutes! That’s over 100 times its starting price of $2.26. Wowza! πŸš€

**➑️** The BD didn’t waste any time and sold all 2 million MANTA tokens at a premium of 50 to 100 times the listing price, raking in a cool $5.16 million, which got converted to 2094.7 Ethereum. Cha-ching! πŸ’°

**β™Ύ** And guess where the ETH ended up? Yep, you guessed it – in the BD’s personal wallet. The plot thickens! 🀫

πŸ“£ But hold on a second! Manta Network has spoken up, explaining that the transaction was all part of their grand plan. The funds allocated to the Korean BD were in line with their token economic model, aiming to set up shop in South Korea. All part of the big picture! 🌏

Exciting stuff happening over at Manta Network, don’t you think? Stay tuned for more updates! πŸš€πŸŒŸ

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