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🎉 Exciting News Alert: Coinbase’s Latest Fee Update for USDC to USD Conversions! 🚀

💰 Big news from Coinbase! The leading crypto exchange is making changes to its fee structure for **USDC to USD conversions** on a grand scale. This update is specifically tailored for **big-time institutional clients** who deal with substantial transaction volumes.

📢 In their recent announcement, Coinbase shared that institutional clients processing **over $75 million** in net conversions within 30 days will now encounter varying fees based on their conversion amounts.

💸 The fresh fee plan includes a **0.1% charge** for conversions between $75 million and $150 million. Transactions falling in the $150 million to $500 million range will have a slightly higher **0.15% fee**, while those converting over $500 million will face a **0.2% charge**.

🏦 Good news for Coinbase Prime customers holding assets exceeding $500 million or maintaining an average of $100 million in USD/USDC throughout a month – they are exempt from these USDC Conversion Fees.

🌐 Furthermore, participants in the Coinbase Exchange Liquidity Program who have earned Tier 1 or Tier 2 status will also benefit from a fee waiver as long as they meet their monthly eligibility requirements. 🌟

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